Company Technology
Company Technology
Clickin Industrial Co., Ltd. possess the core technology to make sure keyboard, trackball and input device will provide you the highest level of quality control and accuracy. We pursue and respect close cooperation with our customers throughout the professional design and to offer perfect solution for customer. Our dedicated and innovative team of R&D engineers enables us to deliver optimum custom products which meet user's exact requirements besides a wide range of standard products. 

Our products are durable and dedicated quality sealing IP65 up to IP68 which is completely waterproof, MOQ is only 1pc with flexible customization solutions available, LED backlit design for dim or dark environment available, different languages layout and special symbols available, technical support all the time.

We have a complete production department with wire cutting machines, punching machines, stud welding machines... for manufacturing on hardware, eletronics etc. which set up the fundation of our on-time service and flexibility on customization & OEM & ODM.

We possess techonogy for offering products with long lasting lifetime, waterproof & vandalproof & antibacteria & anticollision & oil resistance & dust resistance & corrosive resistance characteristics with flexible embedded solutions.