After Sales Service
After Sales Service
After Sales Service

Clickin Industrial Co., Ltd. has long been committed to providing high quality and comprehensive support services to ensure the smooth operation of users' projects.

The company has professional experienced after-sales personnel and technical team, which can solve the faults of various products well. The strong user support team and good user satisfaction are our great advantages.

1. The content of after-sales service commitment:
Our company implements the tenet of “Integrity, Customer Success, Self-improvement and Pursuit of Excellence”, carries out quality tracking service for projects that have already completed production, and dedicates first-class technology and professional after-sales service to users in the spirit of technical excellence. 

If our company undertakes the industrial keyboard and mouse project, it will strictly abide by the contract and provide the user with the responsibility and obligation of the project during the guarantee period. After the warranty period, we will continue to provide technical support and services to ensure the continuity of the project.

2. Service and guarantee period:
From the date of shipment on, the after-sales service will be started, including the following aspects:

(1). After-sales service period; 
(2). Maintenance personnel; 
(3). After-sales service project; 
(4). Service response time.

3. After-sales service period:
From the date of shipment of the goods, it has entered the after-sales service period.
After-sales service period = quality assurance period + quality maintenance period

Quality Assurance Period: During the quality assurance period, if the fault is caused by quality problems, free replacement of products, components and materials shall be implemented. If the failure is caused by non-quality factors, the cost of replacement equipment, components and materials will be charged.

Quality maintenance period: After the quality assurance period, it will enter the quality maintenance period.
We provide lifetime quality maintenance services for the undertaking projects, and provide the required replacement components and materials at a preferential price not higher than the unit price of the products of this contract, and charge the employee's labor fee.

4. Specific measures commitment:
(1). For industrial keyboards and mice that have been completed and shipped to users, we will contact and record the user's usage, system operation status, etc., and conduct quality tracking investigations, and become passive services.
(2). Archive the products and projects that have been completed and conduct quality tracking.
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